NADE's Purpose:

To develop the art
and science 
of disability evaluation.
To enhance public awareness 
about disability evaluation.

To further professional recognition for disability evaluation practitioners.



"NADE: Forward with Vision and Integrity"

The 2014 NADE National Training Conference

will be held in Springfield, Illinois from August 24 to August 27, 2014

Mark your calendars and save the date!

Tentative Conference Agenda

Speakers At The Conference:

Ms. Quinetta Wade, Deputy Director, Illinois DDS
The Honorable Ms. Marcia Mosley, SSA Regional Commissioner, Chicago
Ms. Jennifer Nottingham, NADE President’s Address
Ms. Nancy Berryhill, Deputy Commissioner, Social Security Administration, Office of Operations
Ms. Ann Robert, Associate Commissioner, Social Security Administration, Office of Disability Determinations,
Glen Wurglitz PhD – “PTSD in Veterans/360 Program”
Kemia Sarraf, MD, MPH – “Generation Healthy Kids – Combating Childhood Obesity and Related Problems”
Raymond Castaldo, M.D., Medical Consultant for Illinois DDS, “Assessing Vision Testing”
Robert Mocharnuk, MD- Director of Breast Center, Simmons Cancer Institute – “Advancements in Breast Cancer Treatments”
The Honorable Judge Sherry Thompson – Chicago Regional Office Chief Administrative Law Judge: “Perspectives From the Bench”
The Honorable Patrick O’Carroll, Jr – Inspector General, Social Security Administration: “Caught On Camera – Fraud in the Disability Program”
Wandal Winn, MD, Chief Medical Consultant, Alaska DDS, “Medical Information: Fact, Fiction, Fantasy or Fraud?”
Chad Noggle, PhD and Patricia Fank, PsyD – “Psychological Aspects of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment”
Ms. Patricia Knight- St John’s Regional Wound Care Center – “Wound Care/Infections: Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments”
Anna Bussing AuD, CCC-A, SIU Department of Audiology- “Cochlear Implants, HINT testing, and Interpreting Audiograms”. 
Ginger Darling, M.D., “Prematurity/Low Birth Weight Babies & Long Term Health Concerns”
Ms. Jenna Walker, Central Illinois Riding Therapy – “Horseback Riding for Disabled Individuals”
Mr. Jeff Price. “It Is What It Is – But It Will Become What You Make It!” Introductory Remarks by New NADE President



Now is the perfect time to join NADE. 

Need a reason to join?  Here are the
Top 5 Reasons.

a. NADE training conferences
b. NADE Advocate
c. Regular communication from NADE leadership to keep members informed
d. NADE website –
e. If not NADE, who else will serve as an advocate for disability employees serving on the front line?
f.  Regular meetings between NADE and congressional officials to communicate this perspective
g. NADE is invited as an expert witness for congressional hearings on disability issues
h. Regular meetings between NADE and SSA’s political leadership and policy makers, and between NADE and other governmental agencies (GAO, OMB, etc.) to publicize the real issues of those who do the work of adjudicating disability claims and serving the public
i. Friends!
j. Sharing best practices and common concerns with others who do the same work as you
k. Opportunities to make a difference by working with others from across the country
l. Respect from your peers
m.Who else do you see giving you a well-deserved pat on the back?
n. Local, Regional, and National recognition for outstanding leadership 
o. Local, Regional, and National recognition for outstanding work and dedicated service
p. Professional certification
q.Your work is more than a job – it is a career
r. Through NADE, you can effectuate positive changes that determine how you will do your work
s.Through NADE, you can effectuate positive changes in yourself as a person and as a professional
t. Opportunities for leadership and active participation allow you, as a member, to explore the limits of your interest in involvement


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Please see the latest draft of the proposed NADE Bylaws dated 7/21/14.

It includes edits based upon tax committee and member feedback and input from the NADE mid-year board meeting 2/27/14-3/1/14. NADE will be working with our attorney to update the bylaws.

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact your regional director.

Thank you, Jennifer Nottingham

of Bylaws

July 21, 2014

of Bylaws 2013


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Code of Ethics

As a member of the National Association of Disability Examiners, I accept the challenge to promote a better understanding in the field of disability evaluations. I will also strive with concerned professionals towards improved expertise in the documentations and evaluation process of impairments and their vocational implications. I am personally committed to continued professional growth in order to better serve the disabled individual. My professional service will be conducted at the highest possible level of integrity and all confidential information will be utilized in a responsible manner as to safeguard the rights and privacy of the individual.

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